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Neuroanatomy dissection workshop

Date: February 28, 2020
Time: 09:00 – 13:30
Max. number of participants: 30
Fee: 30 RON
Requisites: Long white coat (gloves, masks and head bonnets will be provided)
Location: Anatomy and Embriology Department, “Iuliu Hatieganu” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, No. 3-5 Clinicilor street (accessible also via Victor Babes street)

Neuroanatomy is a fundamental and one of the most important disciplines that ensure a proper clinical/surgical practice and investigation of the nervous system. However, gaining in-depth knowledge about the structure of such a complex system of organs is proving to be a challenge for both students and the neuroanatomists that teach them. The complexity comes from the intricate spatial organization of the white and grey matter and specific 3D connectivity patterns. Diagnostic imaging and neurosurgery require a thorough understanding of the 3D topography of the nervous system and, therefore, the need for learning tools that aid students and trainees in the process of understanding these complex notions is imperative. 

The dissection of the brain is one of those invaluable tools and nowadays it is augmented by neuroimaging studies that benefit both neuroanatomy teaching and neurosurgery. The particular appeal of brain dissections resides in the structured, stratigraphic approach and hands-on experience that facilitate understanding of such an intricate architecture among students. During the theoretical part of this workshop we will present a series of major, relevant anatomical structures (such as parts of the optic pathway and commissural tracts among others) that will help participants in the second, practical part. The participants will perform dissections on specimens coming from gyrencephalic species and familiarize themselves with the instruments, the dissection process and the architecture of the brain.

You cannot attend the workshop unless you have registered for the Masterclass.
You can register to participate in just one workshop.