Ruben Dammers

The Netherlands

Dr. Ruben Dammers MD, PhD, is neurosurgeon and pediatric neurosurgeon at Erasmus MC, Rotterdam. His focus areas are Neurovascular disorders, basic brain surgery and pediatric neurosurgery.

In addition to performing neurovascular and (child) neuro-oncological operations, he is involved

in various studies. Dr Dammers’ research focuses mainly on the pathology and microsurgical treatment

of intracranial aneurysms, the chronic subdural hematoma, stereotactic biopsy and (skull base) meningiomas.

Together with Dr. Victor Volovici they initiated and run the Rotterdam cerebrovascular bypass programme within the Stroke Center.

He is Member of the board of the Quality Committee of the Dutch Association for Neurosurgery, has a PhD in Vascular surgery and Biophysics at Maastricht University (subject: Hemodynamics of arteriovenous shunts for hemodialysis)

Dr. Dammers has a fellowship in cerebrovascular surgery at University of Arkansas for the Medical Sciences, Little Rock, USA , and a fellowship for pediatric neurosurgery, Sophia Children’s Hospital.