Dear friends and colleagues,

It is with immense pleasure that we welcome you to be part of the next edition of a unique neurosurgical event in Romania – The Neurosurgical Masterclass, which will be held on-site between 8-10 of March 2024.

The Neurosurgical Masterclass – a Course that has the Student as its main focus – aims at promoting education and disseminating knowledge, not only for medical students considering a career in neurology or neurosurgery, but also for neurosurgical residents, neuroscientists and other related specialties such as radiologists, oncologists, and orthopedic surgeons.

The course will provide compelling presentations on some of the most debated subjects in neurosurgery, but also fundamental knowledge: from essential anatomy and physiology to neuroimaging and neurosurgical basics of patient care.

This year’s edition is focused on Innovation and Research, looking at the things we know and the directions research is taking in order to advance the field of Neurosurgery. Research is a big part of a lot of neurosurgeons’ careers and mandatory for anyone looking to continue in Academia, so we thought it best to dedicate an entire edition to it.

Highly experienced neurosurgeons from across the world will offer meaningful insights into the ins and outs of a neurosurgeon’s life. Sharing their extensive knowledge with the next generations, even as new advances are being made, is a key commitment that drives and ensures the sustainability of this profession.

Uniquely different from other course formats, the invited speakers will be joined by enthusiastic presenters at different stages of their careers, including medical students and neurosurgical residents, who will share their personal neurosurgical experience.

The course does not aim to be exhaustive; our goal is to stimulate and encourage young participants to pursue the path of neurosurgery and to pass on the necessary tools for a correct, informed opinion on medical information.

While this masterclass does not claim to hold all the answers to controversial topics, we foresee that it will provide students and residents with an improved understanding of the topics addressed.

We have confidence that you will find the conference stimulating and rewarding. We look forward to welcoming you to our one-of-a-kind event!

Prof. Ioan Ștefan Florian

Victor Volovici

Dragoș-Nelu Font

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Discover, explore, learn, influence, advance and network for an extraordinary experience with top-names lecturers. Take all of the following opportunities in order to improve your knowledge and skills in this medical field.


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Iuliu Hațieganu Auditorium

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