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Professor Stefano Ferraresi MD, PhD


Prof., MD, PhD

Chief of the Department of Neurosurgery at the Santa Maria della Misericordia Hospital in Rovigo.

  • Adjoint Professor at the Neurosurgical School in Padua (Italy)
  • Visiting Professor at the Illinois Neurological Institute (USA)
  • Consultant Neurosurgeon for Obstetrical peripheral nerve injuries at the Meyer Pediatric Hospital in Firenze.
  • From 2007 and currently, Chief of the Department of Neurosurgery at the Santa Maria della Misericordia Hospital in Rovigo
  • From 2011 to 2015 he is in the Advisory Board of the Italian Society for Skull Base Surgery (SIB)
  • From 2016 – Appointed Professor in Neurosurgery from the MIUR (Italian Ministry of Research and University)
  • European Board Certification in Neuropathology in 1992.

Prof. Ferraresi has developed a special interest in Peripheral Nerve Surgery, and particularly in the field of Brachial Plexus Injuries and also in Skull Base surgery, especially Otoneurosurgical lateral approaches.

He performed more than 7500 neurosurgical procedures in all the fields of Neurosurgery. His experience in adult and neonatal plexus injuries is outstanding with more than 1500 microsurgical reconstruction and another 500 secondary procedures. Dr. Ferraresi authored six book chapters and more than 70 papers in international peer-reviewed journals.

In the last years he described two personal techniques in the reanimation of the facial nerve and in the reconstruction of the upper plexus in C5 and C6 avulsive injuries.

He was Visiting fellow in Pittsburgh at the Facial Paralysis Center at Shadyside Hospital, directed by Professor Mark May, and than at the Allegheny Hospital under Prof. T.Fukushima. He also was visiting in Lubjiana with Professor Vinko Dolenc where he learned the extradural approach to the cavernous sinus and the oculomotor nerves.

From 1983 to 1987   he obtained a Grant from the Italian Ministry of Health for Research on Neurooncology at the Istituto Neurologico C.Besta of Milan. In 1987 he was appointed Assistant in Bergamo with the World-renowned Prof. V.Cassinari . Here he develops particular skills in Neurotraumatology and Neurosurgical Intensive Care.

Bergamo is a very large referral center for Trauma and he starts to develop a special interest for Peripheral Nerve Surgery, and particular in the field of Brachial Plexus Injuries. He spent the summer 1989 as visiting doctor in Wien, at the Allgemeines Krankenhaus with Professor Hanno Millesi. In 1992 he joins a Fellowship at the Clinique Longeraie in Lausanne (Switzerland) under Professor A.O.Narakas, a world renowned leading expert in the field of Brachial Plexus Injuries.

In 1993 he is visiting Fellow in New Orleans, with Professor David Kline, one of the leading experts in USA in Peripheral Nerve Surgery and intraoperative Monitoring of peripheral nerves.

In 1995 he is with Alain Gilbert at the Clinique Jouvenet in Paris to participate in his Obstetrical Brachial Plexus Clinic, where he starts a very profound interest in this particular subspecialty of Peripheral Nerves.

Later he fulfills his professional plans extendind his skillls and interests in the field of cranial nerves and in skull base surgery.

In 1996 he is invited to join Dr.P.Buffatti  who was charged of  the opening of a new Department of Neurosurgery in Rovigo, in the General Hospital (Santa Maria della Misericordia) which is a Hub referral hospital for a wide area.

Invited speaker and Honorary Lecturer in Italy and abroad in the field of pain, peripheral nerves and facial nerve reconstruction.