Bon Verweij

The Netherlands

Bon Verweij, a Neurosurgeon from The Netherlands, completed medical school at Leiden University followed by PhD research on Neurotrauma in the USA (Detroit and University of California at Davis). The title of his PhD thesis is “Cerebral oxygen transport and energy metabolism after severe traumatic brain injury: emphasis on mitochondrial dysfunction.”

He trained in neurosurgery in Tilburg and at the University Medical Center Utrecht, where he also received a two-year vascular fellowship from the Dutch Brain Foundation. With 17 years on staff at Utrecht and recent work at the University Hospital Antwerpen, his clinical interests include vascular, trauma, craniofacial reconstruction, and oncology.

In research he integrates advanced technologies like 3D printing, VR/AR, and AI into neurosurgery, alongside integrating safety protocols inspired by aviation, drawing from his experience as a pilot.

He collaborates with Technical Universities, mentors students, and the next generation of neurosurgeons. Within the EANS he served as the First Chair of the EANS Young Neurosurgeons Committee. Additionally, he enjoys sparking enthusiasm for medicine among the public, including a TEDx talk.